Growing a vision for Southwest Wisconsin  ... together.

Grow Southwest Wisconsin is a three-year planning project dedicated to better position our region for the challenges and opportunities of the future.  This project, funded by a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is managed by Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission  (SWWRPC) and overseen by a Consortium of 17 local governments and organizations from across Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, and Richland Counties.  Together, we are working on  making southwest Wisconsin the best place that it can be for our grandchildren.

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A Vision for Southwestern Wisconsin
We envision a southwestern Wisconsin that has met its full potential.  A place that is recognized for its resilient and diverse economy, high quality of life, and distinctive Driftless landscape.  It will be a place where interconnected bonds between individuals and organizations form strong communities of inclusion and cooperation.  Southwestern Wisconsin will be a place where the richness of the land contributes to the healthy lives of its residents and visitors -- and the stewardship of our natural resources is a shared and valued responsibility.  Our region will be a place that fosters innovation and creativity, inspiring and empowering thinkers and doers.  With deep respect for the traditions that built southwestern Wisconsin, we strive to create the best possible region for tomorrow.

Grow Southwest Capacity Building Assistance

Four projects led by non-profit organizations in Southwest Wisconsin will receive staff support to implement the goals of the Grow Southwest Wisconsin plan. Projects were selected throughout the region to contribute to the implementation of goals from across nine topic areas, including: agriculture, business and industry, culture and creativity, education, energy and utilities, health and social services, housing, nature and environment, and transportation.

SWWRPC staff assistance has been granted to:

· Sinsinawa Dominicans (Grant County) Partnerships for Nature and Environment, Agriculture and Education

· Driftless Area Land Conservancy (Iowa County) Improving Quality of Life through Land and Water Conservation

· Neighborhood Housing Services of Richland County Home Ownership Programs of Excellence (HOPE)

· Folklore Village Farm, Inc. (Iowa County) Delicious Driftless Fare

For more information on these projects download the full press release (4/5/2013) (pdf) For more information contact Karen Rogulja (608) 342-6065 or 

Cultivation topics

Click on the below links to learn more about each of our nine cultivation topics.


Business & Industry

Culture & Creativity


Energy & Utilities

Health & Human Services


Nature & the Environment


   More Information

General Information Brochure (pdf)

2012 Cultivator Meeting Schedule (pdf)

Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Profile (pdf)

All Priority Goals by Topic! (pdf)